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Sex Education Workshops

Know Your Body

Learn about the parts of the body they didn’t teach you about in school! Even sex ed often missed the mark, so play sex ed games and get your questions answered in this no-shame, sex-positive workshop.

Sexy Song Science

Dive into sexual health and self care information, using popular songs as inspiration. What’s that song actually talking about? Do our bodies really work they way I hear on the radio?

Sex Ed Starts at Home

What messages are we passing on to children about sex? How does our own comfort or discomfort with sexuality affect our approach? Join Lydia to get tips on how to talk with children about bodies and what they do.

Scheduling is Sexy

Busy schedules, stress, and even parenting can make connecting physically complicated. What about when you just don't feel “in the mood?” How can we make time for pleasure, without it feeling like a chore?

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