Early Childhood Workshops

Promoting Healthy Sexual Development in Young Children

Learn how sexual development is a critical part of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Learn and practice strategies to hold more confident discussions about these topics with children, families, and staff.

Teaching Consent to Young Children

In an age of frequent assault allegations and abuse statistics, how do we raise children to understand, set, and respect personal boundaries? Learn specific strategies for teaching consent foundations in early childhood classrooms.

How Do I Answer THAT?

Learn how to respond to children's questions and behaviors about bodies, reproduction, and sexuality. Practice steps for staying calm, reflecting on the reasons for our discomfort, and responding in healthy ways. 

Sex Ed Starts at Home

Especially for Families! What messages are we passing on to children about sex? How does our own comfort or discomfort with sexuality affect our approach? Join Lydia to get tips on how to talk with children about bodies and what they do.

The Birds, the Bees, and Consent

Especially for Families! Teaching children about consent can sometimes be tough to navigate as parents and caregivers. Get tips for teaching children about body autonomy, useful language for conversations around consent and learning boundaries.

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