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Frequently asked gynecological questions: When Sex is Painful

Chronic Sex

Many things are affected by chronic illnesses and disabilities. Chronic Sex aims to open up frank discussions and ruminations about how quality of life is affected, specifically focusing on self-love, self-care, relationships, sexuality, and sex itself.

Vulval Pain Society

Our aims are to promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of vulval pain through the provision of support, education and practical advice and to advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to vulval pain.

International Pelvic Pain Society

The International Pelvic Pain Society was established to educate health care professionals how to diagnose and manage chronic pelvic pain, thereby changing the lives of patients worldwide, and to bring hope to men and women who suffer from chronic pelvic pain by significantly raising public awareness and impacting individual lives. creates intimate spaces to talk about sex and pleasure on the internet. Join our daily live streams to chat with experts, share your experiences, and learn about pleasure. 

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