• Lydia Bowers

The Dutch Example of Early Sex Ed

The Atlantic recently published an article discussing how sex education is presented in the Netherlands. Why that particular location? Well, the Netherlands is rated highest in many sexual-health indicators, globally. Even with the United States' lowering teen pregnancy rates, they're still five times as high those in the Netherlands. Dutch teens also have fewer abortions, fewer STIs, and have fewer sexual partners.

Dutch sex education doesn't wait until puberty strikes, as is common in the United States. School-based sex education starts at 4 years old, and includes topics on body diversity and reproduction. As children grow, more topics are added, such as healthy relationships, gender identity and inclusivity, and how to decide when to engage in sexual activity.

It's not just schools, though. Families recognize that young children enjoy being naked and exploring and discovering their body parts, and it's not seen as something to forbid or hide.

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