• Lydia Bowers

Teen Titans Go and Where Babies Come From

So, you took your kiddos to see the “Teen Titans Go” movie, and Robin told them to ask you where babies come from. What now?

1 - “Where do *you* think babies come from?”

Asking your child this does two things. One, it gives you a moment to get over the initial, internal panic and take a few deep breaths. You got this. Second, it lets you know what your child already knows (or thinks they know) Maybe they'll say babies come from a hospital, heaven, or the belly. At least you know where to start!

2 - Keep it simple.

No lectures, PowerPoints, or visual aids necessary. Need a hint? All babies start from sperm and an egg. These are very tiny, but when they join together, they start the process of growing a baby. Maybe that's all you need, proceed to step 3. But, they may ask where the sperm and egg come from, or how they get together. Keep it simple. Sperm are made in testicles and come out of a penis. Eggs are in ovaries, and a baby grows in a uterus. Body part names are not bad words. How you answer will depend on the age of your child and any previous knowledge they may have.

3 - “Did that answer your question?”

If they say yes...Congratulations! Take that, “Teen Titans Go!” If they say no, ask what they're wanting to know. Go back to step 2. Rinse and repeat. It's ok to say, “you know, I'm not sure! How about we find out?” If that’s your answer...Congratulations! Take that, Teen Titans Go!

These are ongoing conversations, based on children’s questions. It’s much better to start talking about bodies and reproduction early, rather than wait until puberty. So, thank you, Robin, for helping us face this important conversation that we’ve been avoiding!

I have lists of books, sites, and more resources here! Stay tuned for an livestream later this month on Sex Ed for Parents.

Summarized in a video: