Pain, Pleasure, and Partnership

How can partners of those who have survived trauma, assault, or painful experiences help with the healing process? How can they make time for their own self care? Lydia talks about how she and her husband navigate these issues in their relationship, what works for them, and where to look for more help and support.

When Sex is Painful, How Can I Have Pleasure?

Living with physical pain can be a barrier to expressing our sexual pleasure. When penetrative sex isn’t an option or when orgasms are painful - we can feel betrayed or broken by our own bodies. Lydia offers ways to reclaim our pleasure and our bodies.

Scheduling is Sexy

Busy schedules, stress, and even parenting can make connecting physically complicated. What about when you just don't feel “in the mood?” How can we make time for pleasure, without it feeling like a chore?

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Pain & Trauma Workshops