Bodies & Sexuality


How Do I Answer THAT?

Responding to Children's Questions About Bodies, Reproductions, & Sexuality

Learn how to stay calm and answer difficult questions effectively. Reflect on the reasons for our discomfort, and how our own questions were answered as children. Practice steps for answering common sexual questions from children, and how to partner with families to do the same.

Promoting Healthy Sexual Development in Young Children: Tools to Support Educators & Families

Learn what healthy sexuality looks like in young children and how to support children’s growth. Understand why sexual development is a critical part of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Participate in brainstorming and role-play to develop and practice strategies to hold more confident discussions about these topics with children, families, and staff. 


Books & Resources

Lydia Bowers recommended books about bodies & sexuality
Lydia Bowers recommended books about bodies & sexuality for grown ups.